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Region: Cape Agulhas     Winery: Lomond Vineyards

Lomond Vineyards, located 34° 34’ south, near Gansbaai, is one of very few wineries with a Cape Agulhas District appellation. Located about 8 km from the sea as the crow flies, the 800 hectare farm is kept cool by the south-west and south-east winds that blow during the summer months. Its extreme southerly location, proximity to the sea and varied soils with unique terroir, contribute to some very distinctive single-vineyard wines that amply reflect their origins. Each of the vineyards is named after an indigenous plant found on the farm, where an initiative is underway to conserve significant tracts of natural habitat.

Wines grown on virgin land and made by pioneers must inevitably reflect their brave background and Lomond wines do just that. The elements that form these grapes, the soil, the climate, the aspect, the slope, have been harnessed but not tamed and put into the bottle with a respect reserved for the intrepid.

Lomond wines are exciting, complex, daring but very enjoyable.

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