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10th July 2017

Fifth Quarter Brewing Company

Craft beer is the drink on everyone’s lips here in Northern Ireland. With many small, local breweries taking the spotlight to tell their story, it’s time for Fifth Quarter Brewing to tell theirs - starting with the launch of four new craft beers.

Back in 19th Century Belfast, the Linen Quarter was overflowing with the colourful antics of the characters who lived and worked there. Fifth Quarter Brewing have taken the personalities of the most memorable characters and bottled them for all to celebrate and remember.

Over a century ago, the ‘Fifth Quarter’ of Belfast earned its place on the map. As the largest producer of linen in the world, the area was given the name ‘Linen Quarter’ as we know it today. The stories of this historic era have been passed down through the generations, but the improper stories have been left behind. Without these stories, the true character of the famous quarter would be lost. Fifth Quarter Brewing have resurrected the stories and characters from the improper fraction of Belfast and named four beers in their honour.

Each beer has been carefully brewed using the finest local ingredients, creating truly unique flavours. These include a lager, a red ale, a wheat beer and an IPA. To play on the unique characteristics of the beers, each has been named after their very own personality from the past. From ‘Infamous Amelia’ to the ‘The Waker Upper’ each beer has a story more interesting than the last.

Full of characters and stories, this area once placed us at the centre of the world and now it’s home to one of Belfast’s most interesting brewers.

The latest beer innovations from Fifth Quarter Brewing…

The Waker Upper Lager (4.1% ABV)

Linen mills needed a Waker Upper to make sure everyone made it to work on time. Legend has it, the Belfast Waker Upper was a one armed sailor who went from house to house knocking on doors with a stick.

Infamous Amelia Red Ale (4.3%) 

Amelia Street was a sight to see. It was 100 feet long with a pub at both ends. To supplement their income, many mill workers did some overtime, looking for gents with a bit of cash to spare.

Barefoot Millies Wheat Beer (4.6%) 

The bizarre humidity in Belfast’s mills meant that deep water was a common occurrence, so many worked most happily in their bare feet. The Belfast millies were tough, but they put their heart and sole into every yarn.

Twelve Cut Hank IPA (4.7%)

Belfast people have always punched above their weight. That’s why our hank's of linen were once the most popular in the world. And it’s why we created Twelve Cut Hank - an IPA that can go round after round with anyone.

Fifth Quarter Belfast brew is available in 500ml bottles, exclusively through Drinks Inc.

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