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24th June 2018


Drinks Inc. is delighted to announce the launch Frankie & Eileen's gin - distilled by passionate local artisans at a craft distillery based in Randalstown, Co. Antrim.  

Using unique, small scale distillation methods and quality ingredients packed full of flavour and aromas, Frankie & Eileen's is a perfectly balanced gin which is honest and simple, clean and smooth.  

The copper pot still used in production promotes the formation of esters, which actively impart fruity notes to the spirit.  Spring water from the on-site well in Co. Antrim and a balanced blend of the finest botanicals provide a smooth gin with lots of character.  

Botanicals used include: 

Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Angelic Root, Cassia Bark, Bitter Orange Peel, Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Orris Root, Cardamon Pods, Liquorice Root, Grains of Paradise, Potato and Pea Pods.  

Tasting Note: 

Frankie & Eileen's is a smooth, classic, citrus forward gin.  A beautiful mouthfeel and layers of earthy notes highlighted with a unique combination of the finest botanicals, from the exotic to the local potato.