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16th February 2020


With consumer tastes gradually moving away from potent brews with high ABV's towards more health-conscious drinks, no/low alcoholic drinks are currently all the rage.

Drinks Inc. is delighted to announce that multi-award winning local cider producer, MacIvors, has launched a new alcohol free cider for health concious consumers.  This is a delicious, thirst-quenching medium dry cider, packed full of flavour and possessing the characteristics that you would expect from a “proper” cider.  The cider is gluten free, low in calories and vegan-friendly.  With only 76 calories per bottle, this novel drink offers a range of benefits for those concerned about health while still maintaining an authentic and delicious cider taste.  This innovative Alcohol Free Cider is a subtle blend of MacIvors more mature ciders with the fresh juice of their fragrant dessert apples. With its pale straw colour and delicate bubbles it miraculously packs real cider flavour but without the alcohol.

Greg MacNeice, MacIvors Managing Director and cider maker says, 'We are very pleased with the new cider which has also produced extremeley positive feedback in taste tests. Our aim has been to produce a genuine cider rather than a drink that tastes like apple juice and we’ve succeeded. The new product is a response to the growing market for a ‘healthier’ product especially among those concerned about weight and overall fitness. It’s also a delicious and safer option for drivers especially the designated driver on a night out,” he adds.

In addition, the new cider features labelling which lists all the ingredients and nutritional facts and reflects the company’s strategic focus on transparency and integrity.  The full MacIvors range is available exclusively in Northern Ireland through Drinks Inc.  Please speak to your local sales rep or contact the office for further information.