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1st March 2017


Merchant’s Heart is a range of mixers with perfect carbonation, crafted with flavour combinations that enhance and contrast the characteristics of different types of spirits. The range is made up of liquids that suit seasoned spirit connoisseurs as well as some flavours that help new consumers enjoy spirits they don’t normally go for.

Created by a team of experts in flavours, mixing and carbonation - the science behind the carbonation levels is what gives it its edge.  CO2 is what carries the flavour to the nose and allows the full taste of Merchants Heart serves to be enjoyed.  Merchant’s Heart mixers have a higher and longer lasting carbonation than competitors, due to two reasons.  It is carbonated to a higher level at bottling – leading to not only a higher initial carbonation but also a slower rate of loss.  Merchants Heart has small bubbles of CO2, meaning they move at a slower rate through the liquid and are not lost to the air as quickly once poured.

Available in 24 x 200ml, the range consists of:

Classic Tonic:  Central and almost classical in its flavour.  Strong bitter quinine, a light citrus finish, and a hollow centre for the spirit to sit.  Pairs well with all gins but particularly dryer and juniper led gins. 

Pink Peppercorn:  Rich bitterness of quinine that leads into the soft fruity spice of pink peppercorn. Works very well with off-dry gin and those with unique, sweeter botanicals.  Pairs well with many grain led vodkas. 

Floral aromatics:  A lighter, more fruit driven quinine bitterness.  Soft citrus on the back of the palate.  Pairs well with citrus driven gins. 

Lemon:  A round, sweet lemon flavour with a long lingering fresh citrus finish and a soft flavour profile to sit with spirits.  Pairs well with most spirits but fantastically with agave spirits.

Ginger Ale:  Fresh ginger is found throughout.  A natural, fresh ginger in the main part of the palate with a lingering heat on the finish.  Naturally pairs beautifully with aged spirits. 

Hibiscus:  A touch lighter and lower sugar content due to a lower quinine level.  Richer fruit and bitter quinine on the front, lingering sweetness on the finish.  Excellence with agave spirits and white rum.