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19th June 2019


Rademon Estate is proud to be Northern Ireland's first craft distillery.

Rosie’s Garden Gin was inspired by founder Fiona’s Mother, who can be found in her potting shed or tending to the bountiful harvests of fruits and herbs in her 18th Century walled garden. 

Oily juniper and luscious wild and sweet strawberries infuse with a tartness of raspberries, balanced by lingering lavender and camomile.  It’s perfect to sip over ice or as a spritz.

Shortcross' small batch philosophy ensures that every aspect of their gin meets their uncompromising crafted vision.  Shortcross handpick the finest botanicals, draw fresh water, distil on a copper pot still, hand bottle and label: everything is crafted and perfected by hand.

Shortcross Rosie's Garden Gin is available now through Drinks Inc.  Please speak with your sales rep, or call the office to order.