Meat & Malbec!

In a unique approach, in June this year, Drinks Inc. were delighted to collaborate with fellow Musgrave NI wholesale brand, Musgrave MarketPlace, to demonstrate their credentials in food and drink, through wine and meat.

Hosted by Wine Specialist Peter McBride and Meat Specialist Tim Wilson, guests enjoyed a special experience in Food & Wine Pairing; five small meat courses, paired with a range of delicious Malbec wines.

The Black Angus Ribeye paired with the Selección Del Enólogo were undoubtably the showstoppers on the menu, but the second course – Braised Beef Shortrib with Sweetcorn Espuma and Charred Sweetcorn - really had guests talking. The meat was tender, the Espuma was sweet and creamy, which as a dish paired perfectly with the Los Arboles Malbec and left guests craving more!

Meat & Malbec!

The DADÁ Art White Malbec was regarded as a sleeping giant on the night. Packed with notes of summer berry fruits more commonly recognised in red Malbecs, the white Malbec made a lasting impression with guests as something new and different to bring to hospitality customers.

Guest speakers included Mel Bohan, from Kepak, one of Ireland’s leading meat producers and Nikki Wasylkowski, European Export Director for Navarro Correas, a third-generation family wine maker from Mendoza, Argentina.